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Legacy Linux and UNIX commands are so 20th century. These days, professional code crafters demand modern tools for the modern software landscape. Anguish gives you all of your favorite weapons: POWER bar, hyper shell completion, language plugins and then some. Suck it bash.


Anguish combines the power of all of the greatest shells used by today's 10x coders and pretty much guarantees sex with one of the young twinks you fantasize about. Guaranteed, or your money back.


Creativity needs stimulation. That's why code nijas like you need colors, emoji and a million plugins to make your life richer. Noone will hire you if you don't know all of the latest plugins and can't do everything in color.

Automatic upgrade of legacy UNIX commands

Anguish knows about new cool replacements of legacy UNIX tools and will install them automatically when you try to use them.

This video shows someone attempting to use the legacy UNIX `ls` command. Anguish seamlessly downloads and installs the superior npm-based "uber-cow-ls" which then runs instead.

Open Source

Anguish is 100% open source, written in a combination of over 47 languages including TypeScript, Go, Ruby, Elixir, Kotlin and C#.

Pimp Yo Shell!

Anguish is the worlds most customizable shell. You can spend so long customizing it that by the time you're finished, apple will have released the next macbook you'll go out and buy.

Anguish: the Marshall Amp of shells

Real rock stars know they are nothing without the highest quality equipment. Without professional name brands like Fender, Les Paul, Marshall and Pearl, they know they would sound like absolute shit.

Become a Rockstar Developer

Anguish Examples


Random Bacon

Power-developers love their monoculture. Bacon, hot-sauce and South Park are beloved by all developers and we want to keep it that way. So Anguish will randomly issue a bacon alert, which will never cease to be hilarious.


Pretty colors

As a professional 21st century coder you demand colors and emoji, don't you? Look at all the colors! Look at them! Pretty colors! Make feel like have friends. Nice colors! Pretty pictures! Everything's OK when there are colors.


Auto Brawndo Installer

Trying to use a tool you haven't installed? Anguish will automatically attempt to download and install the tool by using curl to download a shellscript from a standard location and running it through a privileged shell.


Rockstar Coders




Sex Acts Earned


Noobs Impressed


Leonard Pottorshite

Apr 1st, 2020

After FISH, I was running out of ways to bore my colleagues. With Anguish, I can bang on all day about how much better it is than zsh and FISH. Everyone is so impressed. I think Zelda in Marketing might nosh me as a result.


Andrew Cockchuff

Mar 20th, 2020

The shell is the core of the code crafter's art. Professionals need professional tools, and nothing says professional like a load of wanky widgets in your powerline.


Martin Fowlcock

Jan 15th, 2020

As an artisan, I need the finest, most well designed tools to help me produce beautiful code. That's why I choose Anguish: it's almost unheard of at the moment and so I sound like a true pioneer when I scold other developers for not using it. I may even get a hand-shandy off of Quentin in customer service as a result.

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